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Sabrina Ait-Ouali

Pelvic & Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Sabrina co-founded Mississauga Pelvic Health in recognition that Pelvic Health wellness and conditions deserve specialized, targeted, and holistic attention. As a Certified Pelvic Health and Orthopedic Physiotherapist, clinic owner, mentor, and mother, she has comprehensive understanding of the level of care required to optimize one’s pelvic health, and has made it her mission to do so for the women, men, and children of the community. 

Sabrina began her career as an Orthopedic Physiotherapist, developing her expertise in sports injuries, neurological conditions, trauma-based therapies, pre/post-operative rehabilitation, injury prevention, pediatric physiotherapy, and prenatal/postnatal care. Her work with perinatal women, as well as with individuals suffering from pelvic, hip, and low back injuries, showed her the paramount importance of the pelvic floor, and the value of skilled and focused pelvic health therapy. Her passion quickly grew.

Sabrina specializes in women’s, men’s, and pediatric pelvic health. She utilizes a combination of evidence-based manual therapy, acupuncture, exercise prescription, functional rehabilitation, and self-management educational training to help her clients achieve their goals.

Sabrina obtained a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy (Hons.) at the University of Toronto. Prior to this, she obtained a Bachelors of Science in Human Kinetics (Hons.) at the University of Ottawa. She speaks French and English fluently.

Rabia Mirza

Pelvic & Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Rabia co-founded Mississauga Pelvic Health after experiencing how under-serviced and under-recognized women’s pelvic health is. Throughout her years as a personal trainer and physiotherapist her goal has been to educate and empower her clients and patients to take an active role in their health and rehab journey. Her goal for Mississauga Pelvic Health is to provide her expertise in pelvic health to serve the community but to also advocate for women’s health conditions as a whole. 

Rabia began her career as a physiotherapist working with 2 diverse niches: sports physiotherapy and pelvic floor physiotherapy. She has worked with a wide variety of patients from post-partum mommas to CFL football players. Her approach to treatment remains the same, she’s committed to working as a team with her patients to help restore function and thrive in their bodies. Rabia believes that knowledge is power and really focuses on getting her patients to understand their bodies and work together to come up with a plan for rehab. 


Rabia specializes in women’s pelvic health, orthopedic & sports physio. She uses a combination of evidence based manual therapy, functional rehab, corrective exercises, acupuncture and patient self-management strategies to help her patients restore function. Rabia Mirza was born and raised in Hamilton and completed her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at McMaster University. She then worked as a Personal Trainer helping people train for a healthier lifestyle, before finding her passion for Physiotherapy. Rabia completed her Masters of Physiotherapy at McGill University.


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Ana Vera

Massage Therapist

Ana Vera started in the health and wellness field when she was 18 years old, finding fulfilment in helping people get healthier by living a more active lifestyle.

Eventually, Ana found herself pursuing Athletic Therapy at Sheridan College, to be able to not only help people get active but also be able to prevent injuries and rehab them as well.

Through this education, she fell in love with learning and studying, and pursued her Masters in Advanced Athletic Training from the University of South Florida, where she specialized in the pediatric population and presented her thesis on Ankle injury prevention for athletes.

Ana further pursued Massage Therapy, where she was able to reinforce some of her manual skills, as well as learned about sports and dynamic cupping and fascial Gua Sha techniques to help her clients through aches and pains.

Most recently Ana embarked on a journey of meditation and yoga, becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher with Pre and Post Natal experience in Bali as well as a Vegan Nutritionist.

When Ana is not treating/training clients, you can find her at a local vegan restaurant, reading some new material, or trying new yoga classes!

Bianca Filoteo

Certified Comprehensive Pilates & Movement Instructor

Bianca is a Certified Comprehensive Pilates & Movement Instructor who is well-versed in using all types of Pilates equipment (mat, reformer, cadillac, chair, springboard and barrels) to help her clients reach their goals.



After being diagnosed with a chronic skin condition and discovering the world of autoimmune diseases, Bianca found herself on the path of health and wellness. Learning how important exercise & movement was to our overall health, she was determined to find something that she wouldn’t find as punishment or torture, and she would enjoy doing. After exploring a variety of workouts and activities, she fell in love with Pilates. And when an accident left her with neck & shoulder issues, she was amazed at how Pilates became both therapeutic and strengthening for her body. Soon enough, she found herself switching career paths, finding her passion with Pilates & movement. 



While Bianca enjoys works with a wide range of bodies and needs, she specializes in women’s health, pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and functional fitness. She is also a Certified Yoga Instructor, Barre Instructor, and Transformational Nutrition Coach; bringing a holistic and comprehensive approach with her clients.



Bianca’s mission is to redefine your relationship with your body by empowering you to move & feel better, to find strength & resilience, and to regain body confidence. Her movement sessions are designed to help you feel stronger, increase mobility, breathe better, and release physical & emotional tension. She wants to help bridge the disconnection from our bodies that have resulted from the various types of stress modern society throws our way. Her goal in each session is that you walk away knowing a bit more about your body: discovering and understanding how robust and brilliant it really is.



If you are unsure of whether Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy will help with your symptoms and condition, we highly encourage you to contact us for a 15 minute Free Phone Consultation. One of our specialised Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists will discuss your concerns with you, and help you determine whether this is the best course of treatment for you.

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